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Tom McDermott – TWPL

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Qualifications and professional status

  • Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering, 1974
  • Director of Asset Management, New York Power Authority, 1989
  • Principal Consultant, The Woodhouse Partnership, since 2009

Key skills

  1. Innovative and Practical
  2. Thorough knowledge of Asset Management and how it is applied to improve organisational performance
  3. First-hand experience and capability of applying ISO 55000 as an Asset Management framework within organisations as part of a transition program
  4. Knowledge and experience of conducting ISO 55000 and gap analysis and turning the recommendations into the Asset Management system improvement plan (the road-map)
  5. Deep experience in reliability analysis, root cause analysis and life cycle engineering
  6. Extensive experience in Asset Management training, coaching and mentoring
  7. Cross industry knowledge, e.g. energy, pharmaceuticals and power sectors work in respect of Asset Management process
  8. Project management experience in bringing Asset Management change to an organization

As the director of asset management at the New York State Power Authority (the largest state-owned utility in the US operating 17 large hydro and fossil generating facilities and more than 1,400 circuit-miles of extra high voltage transmission lines), framed the development of their asset management principles on PAS 55, later ISO 55000 The organisation is responsible for 25% of the electric energy consumption in New York State.

During Tom’s 35 year career at the Power Authority he spent first 20 years in the engineering group specializing in high voltage engineering, transmission line design and power plant modifications. The last 15 years were focused on building a performance engineering and asset management group, re-shaping the organization around the principles of asset management.

Tom introduced and managed the development of industrial engineering and knowledge management methodologies within the Power Authority to improve productivity. Building upon ISO 55000 principles, Tom expanded the horizon of performance engineering initiatives to develop a reliability centric (RCM) asset management program for the Power Authority, integrating both engineering and maintenance personnel into the asset management organization; cumulating in a strategic asset management plan for the entire organization.

In addition to the management structures that were needed, this effort required the introduction of reliability engineering concepts of criticality and failure mode assessments of NYPA hydro, fossil and substation equipment to re-shaped maintenance basis of equipment based on RCM processes. Along with these processes, various condition monitoring systems on electrical and mechanical generating and substation equipment with other PdM, methodologies were introduced to support of the RCM program. In re-shaped the organization around the principles of asset management, he introduced a systematic budgeting planning process which required the demonstration of effectiveness in spending operations and maintenance with capital dollars over life cycle of asset or project.

Tom also participates in various professional engineering and asset management societies and organisations.

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