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August 20, 2020 at 11:30 am EDT

Interactive Parts Catalogs

Visualize your Bills of Materials and Report on Outliers in Your Material Selection Process

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Norm Poynter and Steve Sinkoff will interview Esteban Castro, Founder and CEO, Metanoia, an organization that builds interactive bills of materials that are easily accessed in their Interactive Parts System, Asset Information Center (AIC). AIC is seamlessly integrated into any CMMS or ERP platform. This solution centralizes the asset data, improves parts information, features advanced click-through illustrations and Google-like search, and displays in a user-friendly GUI. We feel this is a must-see technology.

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Meet the Expert on Interactive Parts Catalogs

Esteban Castro, Founder and CEO, Metanoia –

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Qualifications and professional status

To become a leading expert in a field one must dedicate your entire life to the subject. When it comes to interactive parts catalogs that provide a visual approach to bills of materials, look no further than Esteban Castro. Esteban, from a young age, attached his talents and time to this specific field and over 25 years has perfected the development of both software and services, to allow asset-intensive organizations and original equipment manufacturers to increase their overall maintenance productivity and increase aftermarket part sales.

His unique knowledge and experience, coupled with his programming and problem-solving abilities, allows him to quickly identify challenges and deliver solutions that have overwhelmed companies for decades. Satisfied customers like PhilipMorris USA, AGCO, Coca-Cola, and RJ Reynolds will attest that when Esteban says “of course,…”, he will deliver a superior technical solution that is easy to use.

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No cost to attend.