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The A55K Certification is an ISO 55000 Professional Certification that will assist you to make better actionable decisions that deliver asset alignment and quantifiable measurable results throughout the lifecycle of your assets.

Go2Learn in partnership with Andrew James Advisory Group (AJAG) is making the ISO 55000 – A55K Professional Certification available to individuals, teams, and all asset stakeholders.

A55K - Professional Certification

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2022 Virtual Course Schedule 

  • June 6-17, 2022
  • October 24 – November 4, 2022

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ISO 55000 A55K-Professional Certification Introduction

ISO 55000 is an internationally recognized standard for Asset Management that describes a management system for Asset Management. It addresses the strategic and tactical management of assets, emphasizing the value derived from assets and risk management. A55K is an individual certification in ISO 55000 that demonstrates the student’s understanding of the theory and application of the ISO 55000 series of standards for Asset Management Systems. After completing this course, you will be able to participate as an active member in your organization’s strategic asset management initiatives. The A55K is accredited by the Asset Leadership Network (ALN).

Course Objective

The AJAG (Andrew James Advisory Group) ISO 55000 / A55K training course prepares students for the Asset Leadership Network A55K individual certification exam, which attests to your qualification to be an active participant in ISO 55000 Asset Management initiatives.

ISO 55000 A55K-Professional Certification Workshop Content

The AJAG ISO 55000 course and certification exam focus on the strategic and tactical aspects of the ISO 55000 standard for Asset Management:

  • Core concepts of ISO 55000 Asset Management
  • Organizational Certification to ISO 55001
  • ISO 55001 Asset Management System Requirements
  • ISO 55002 Guidance and Best Practices
  • Case Study: Strategic Asset Management Plan
  • Special Topics:
    • Leadership
    • Data Integrity
    • Property Management
    • Change Management

Course Schedule

The Benefit of ISO 55000 A55K-Professional Certification

With the ISO 55000 – A55K Professional Certification training, you will:

Discover how ISO 55000 enables organizations to bring imperative Asset Management initiatives together to deliver organizational value.

Learn how to uncover the insights you need to make better actionable decisions that deliver asset alignment and quantifiable, measurable results throughout the lifecycle of the asset.

Develop principles and approaches that allow you to kick-start an ISO 5500 program while understanding how to create a connected and business-oriented digital thread across the entire asset lifecycle.

Increase your contribution to the discussions where Asset Management decisions are made.

Gain an appreciation of how Asset Management impacts financial management so you can free up working capital, optimize cash flow, and deliver improved bottom-line value.

Who should attend?

This course is an effective tool to enhance your knowledge of ISO 55000 and the principles and standards that drive strategic thinking around Asset Management.

Asset Management is a discipline that defines how to derive maximum value from the lifecycle of an organization’s assets. It encompasses business requirements, risk, operating context, criticality, technology, data, and asset information management. Asset stakeholders come from all departments and should have a baseline of understanding how an organization’s assets affect the bottom line.

  • The course applies to all asset stakeholders within:
    • Finance
    • Procurement
    • HR
    • Engineering
    • Operations
    • Reliability
    • Maintenance
    • IT

Meet the Instructors – Speaker Bios

Lindsey Ziegler


Lindsay Ziegler





Mark Johnson




Jim Dieter



Boyd Beal




Rob Coffman



Workshop Pricing & Details

ISO 55000 Training – A55K Certification Virtual Workshop is scheduled for:

  • 2022 Course Schedule 
    • June 6-17, 2022
    • October 24 – November 4, 2022

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The course is delivered by instructors for 1-2 hours daily with additional daily self-driven activities (1-1.5 hrs) to be completed for the following day’s discussion. This enables students to accomplish their daily job-related activities while taking the course.

Private Virtual Workshop Pricing: Pricing includes 20+ hours of interactive workshop instruction, self-driven exercises, discussion, lecture, and coaching.

1 student   – $ 1,695.
2 students – $ 1,495. each
3 students – $ 1,450. each
4+ from one organization – call for discount

A55K Exam cost is $300. for each student.  The exam is remotely proctored and you can schedule at your convenience.

  • Tell us you’re interested in becoming personally certified in ISO 55000 and send us an email.
  • Please call our office for information: (917) 554-3444 ext. 101

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