Asset Management Overview

Asset Management Overview

In-Person or Live-Virtual Asset Management Workshop

Are you looking to engage team members from the organization into a strategic asset management culture?  The goal of building culture focuses more on why, less on how. Asset Management by nature is dry material and covers a huge amount of ground. With a focus on the concepts and theory that are the priority for foundational understanding, and delivered in an interactive and fun way, we can build the morale and motivation of your asset teams, as well as their baseline skills.  And in these challenging times, do it live-virtual.

Learning why in an interactive and fun scenario will always yield the best results and information retention.  Less material is covered, but the priority is specified with the goal of:

  1. Understanding of why asset management, and why now.
  2. Build a new culture, with an understanding of how they contribute and what their impact is in a long-term learning approach
  3. Understanding the impact to the business

But it goes way beyond that. We believe that this type of education/coaching should be dynamic and engaging.  The practical standards of Asset Management can be woven into the material and delivered interactively, with real-world scenarios played out. This should be part coaching, part tutoring, part information loading, but mostly focused on connecting the dots for the students so they can identify the best asset management course of action and believe in it.

In 12-14 hours, delivered virtually in a schedule that will not affect your day-to-day business, we will cover the identified areas in depth but only to the extent that the audience can comprehend.  Our goal is to move them forward, motivate them, and to help them understand the why and how it applies to their everyday work life. With that accomplished, they are open to a huge degree of improvement toward an asset management culture and self-learning through practice.

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The Asset Management Overview is not academic, but more engaging and interactive. Taught as a live-virtual workshop by Norm Poynter, a recognized global subject-matter expert, the group will be led through many group and individual exercises to enhance the teams understanding of asset management, and how they contribute to the overall success of the management system.


  1. Introductions and gather expectations from participants
  2. Case Study and facilitated discussion
  3. What is Asset Management and a short look at the history
  4. The WHY of Asset Management
  5. Your role and the intersection of your personal and professional “why”
  6. Vocabulary of Asset Management
  7. Integration of a management system and its purpose
  8. Management system content
  9. Theories of Asset Management
  10. Line-of-sight from management system to the work face
  11. Case studies
  12. Snakes and Ladders
  13. Learning intention and objective measurement
  14. Review and wrap-up

Who should attend?

Attendees should have the following responsibilities:

  • The course applies to experienced engineers and asset management professionals and all asset stakeholders.
    • Finance
    • Procurement
    • HR
    • Engineering
    • Operations
    • Reliability
    • Maintenance
    • IT

Meet the Instructor

Norm Poynter cropped

Norm Poynter – NLAS Possibilities and Asset Management Advocates

Connect: LinkedIn Twitter: @normpoynter  Email:,

Norm Poynter has been in management consulting with a specialization in SAP plant maintenance and integration for the past fourteen years. He has been involved in a variety of projects including system and continuous improvement implementations, best practices, plant turnarounds, re-engineering, process improvements, and process safety development and implementation.

Norm has held management, technical, and functional roles with companies including Agrium, NOVA Chemicals, DuPont, Canexus, Nexen Inc., Marathon Oil, and Suncor. Today, Norm focuses on the integration of systems across landscapes to form knowledge execution management systems, asset information management systems, and sustainable groups of core corporate competencies and subject matter (communities of practice). This approach is used to enable standardization, consistency, and productivity through better use of grassroots technologies like SAP.


Workshop Pricing & Details:

Private Virtual Workshop Pricing: Pricing includes the 12-14 hours of interactive workshop exercises, discussion, lecture, and coaching.

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