Shutdown Optimization

Find Out How You Can Evaluate and Justify Modifications or ‘Pit-stop’ Tasks to Extend Intervals Between Shutdowns

Live, Virtual, Interactive


Planned shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages usually result in a considerable amount of lost production and lost sales as a result. This training course enables the understanding and modeling of cost/risk optimization of shutdown intervals, and the choice of maintenance work to cluster or bundle into various shutdown alternatives. Ineffective shutdown processes can result in millions of dollars that reflect directly on the bottom line.


The course objective is to optimize and reduce the total cost of planned outages to be programmed over a period of years, while maintaining and improving unplanned plant availability.


Shutdown optimization

  • The concept of shutdowns
  • The advantages and disadvantages of shutdowns
  • The technology of shutdown optimization
  • What is shutdown optimization?

The potential for cost savings

  • Shared overheads
  • Shared downtime

Modeling of work package bundling for shutdown optimization

  • Critical paths and sequential or parallel working
  • Sequential work selection and groupings
  • Present value evaluation of shutdown alternatives
  • Cost and risk optimal work bundling and sensitivity testing of alternatives
  • Modeling and optimization of non-critical assets bundling decisions
  • Modeling and optimization of critical assets bundling decision


It is our goal to help you reduce the unproductive “planned” lost time  We will illustrate, through interactive dialog and work exercises, the methodology to the bundling of maintenance work into optimally timed shutdowns.  We will showcase the cost/risk/benefit optimization comparison of various alternatives of work packaging for shutdowns, so you can choose which fits your situation best. Finally, we will demonstrate the options and alternatives of mini and major turnarounds.

Who should attend?

Asset Managers, Production and Industrial Engineers, Maintenance and Operations Managers, Reliability Engineers and facilitators of continuous improvement programs

Workshop Pricing & Details:


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