SAMP Workshop

SAMP - Strategic Asset Management Plan

Develop and Maintain an Effective SAMP
Strategic Asset Management Planning (Live Virtual or Private on-site) 

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Creating a meaningful SAMP is seen by many as possibly the most challenging part of the Asset Management discipline. Where does it start? Where does it end? How long is ‘long term’? It can feel like a huge task, and it can be difficult to take the first step.

The course provides real practical insight into developing effective strategies for Asset Management, including alignment with organizational objectives and engagement of the workforce, risk management, prioritization, goal-setting, performance monitoring, and cross-disciplinary collaboration requirements.


The course gets straight into developing effective strategies for Asset Management. Starting with the ‘Top Down’ organizational objectives and stakeholder requirements, we look at practical approaches to risk-based prioritization, target setting, and performance monitoring. The ‘Bottom-up’ demands of the asset portfolio are addressed. We will consider how to engage across all disciplines and bring teams together to work for aligned goals. The relationship between SAMP evolution and changing Asset Management Objectives is examined.

Course participants will develop their own framework to take away – the ‘elevator speech,’ where to look for information, the questions to ask, and the ‘hooks’ that bring colleagues into the effort. Participants will learn what a successful SAMP will look like for their purposes.


The SAMP workshop is a two-day classroom teaching with extensive participation.

Day 1

  • Why each SAMP is (or should be) unique
  • Organizational Context and Stakeholders
  • The ‘To Be’ and ‘As Is’ positions
  • The strategic approach

Day 2

  • Team building for SAMP
  • SAMP framework and procedure
  • Integrating strategies
  • Asset Management Objectives
  • Keeping SAMP alive

Learning outcomes:

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Describe the purpose of a SAMP.
  2. Set out an approach to developing a SAMP from first principles and then keeping it up-to-date.
  3. Identify the requirements for information and its sources.
  4. Identify the cross-disciplinary contributors to a SAMP and devise an engagement strategy.
  5. Describe the alignment of SAMP and AM Objectives to organizational objectives.

The benefit to participants:

  1. The participant will develop an understanding of the purpose and scope of SAMP and its uniqueness to each organization.
  2. The course is deliberately cross-disciplinary and aims to encourage effective team working and the reduction of disciplinary silos.
  3. The participants will be equipped with a set of generic templates to help them initiate SAMP development.

Who should attend?

Participants who wish to know more about the role of SAMP and their contribution to it.
Participants from organizations that are considering developing an asset management system or that are growing their AM maturity.

Typical job roles include:

  • Business Strategy staff
  • Engineering, technical, and asset-owning managers
  • Asset Management System developers
  • ISO55000 implementers
  • Asset information managers
  • Stakeholder management professionals
  • Investment program managers
  • Project managers and engineers
  • Maintenance managers
  • Operations managers
  • Procurement and supply chain managers
  • HR and training managers

Workshop Pricing & Details:

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  • This course is run privately within your organization and team or can be done virtually.

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