Maintenance Parts Excellence

Go2Learn offers the Maintenance Parts Excellence Course in partnership with Asset Acumen Inc. 


About Maintenance Parts Excellence

June 11-13, 2024 – Houston, TX
October 8-10, 2024 – Toronto, ON

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Proven Leading Practices for Maintenance Parts Management

  • Why do you stock parts?
  • Who is responsible when parts are not available when needed?
  • How do we get high-maintenance parts service levels at an optimal cost?
  • What is the value of stocking parts versus keeping the business at target production?
  • Why are some organizations good at managing parts, and others continue to struggle?
  • What should we focus on first to fix our maintenance parts business?
  • How do we achieve Maintenance Parts Management Excellence?
  • How can you learn these skills?

An excellent way to gain these skills is to attend this intensive 3-Day program. You’ll join a group of like-minded professionals who are guaranteed to come away with the needed skills and insights to upgrade their Maintenance Parts Management operation.

Who Should Attend?

Our 2024 Maintenance Parts Management offering is available for stakeholders who may have influence or dependency on their parts being available when needed. Various industrial and government organizations have attended this program. A version of this program has been used directly in organizational training, particularly when leading practices are being discerned so that business change can be facilitated.

Attendees, who have included maintenance parts management and personnel, inventory planners, design engineers, maintenance management, operations management, and financial personnel responsible for the cost of the business, have all found this course valuable. If your responsibilities include supporting maintenance and the parts operation in your organization, we urge you to look closely at this exceptional learning opportunity.

Extraordinary Value of this Program

The 3-day Maintenance Parts Excellence Course is offered in partnership with Don Barry (Asset Acumen), who has experience teaching at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Maintenance Optimization & Reliability Engineering and the School of Continuing Studies. Don brings a wealth of experience to the classroom, including:

  • A mastery of the subject matter; ability to relate theory & practice
  • Real-world experience with corporations and organizations
  • Ability to deliver material in an interesting and clear manner
  • Understanding of what should be a priority to those looking to understand maintenance parts management excellence.

The program combines fundamental need-to-know material, tried-and-true methodologies and processes, and proven leading-edge approaches with measurable business benefits.

Participants receive three full days of instruction, including a wide range of case studies demonstrating how these principles have been successfully and widely applied. You will be equipped with complete binder notes on the program material and an unparalleled learning experience.

Meet the Instructor

Don Barry

Don Barry

Program Dates, Location, Tuition Fee, and Registration

Program Dates:

The three-day session will be:

June 11-13, 2024 – Houston, TX
October 8-10, 2024
– Toronto, ON

Tuition Fee:

  • 1 Student:  $2,495 USD
  • 2-3 Students: $2,250 USD
  • 4+ Students: $2,050 USD

How to Register:

Register for the 3-day Maintenance Parts Excellence Workshop

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