Work Management

Work Management

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Maintenance Plans are used to represent inspection, preventive maintenance, and repairs that you plan the time and scope of work in advance. The key features in maintenance planning in SAP include:

  • Automating preventive maintenance requirements for calibrations, inspections, and repetitive maintenance on plant equipment
  • Automatically generating the appropriate maintenance order or notification when a maintenance plan is due
  • Utilization of task lists to simplify the planning of labor, material, and services
  • Streamlining the process of manually determining which equipment is due for maintenance
  • Improving compliance with regulatory demands that the government has placed on the industry with regard to environment, health and safety, and maintenance
  • Statistical analysis and trending of this process will enable Nexen to evaluate the balance between planned and unplanned maintenance resulting in the optimization of  equipment


The workshop is delivered through 2-days of interactive classroom education, including reinforcing and interactive exercises.

    1. Overview of Planning and Scheduling Process
         Identify – Plan – Schedule – Execute – Complete – Analyze
    2. Importance of Work Identification
      Detail in notification
    3. Planning Options
      Most work can be planned, Task Lists
    4. Scheduling Options
      What are the options?
      – Differing business scenarios – a range of requirements
      – Overview of different options:

Basic manual scheduling
Capacity leveling
Planning board
PM integration with Project Systems
Third-party tools

     5. Recommendations on Process to Follow to Make Planning and Scheduling Work in Practice

Meet the Instructor

Norm Poynter cropped

Norm Poynter – NLAS Possibilities and Asset Management Advocates

Connect: LinkedIn Twitter: @normpoynter  Email:,

Norm Poynter has been in management consulting with a specialization in SAP plant maintenance and integration for the past fourteen years. He has been involved in a variety of projects including system and continuous improvement implementations, best practices, plant turnarounds, re-engineering, process improvements, and process safety development and implementation.

Norm has held management, technical, and functional roles with companies including Agrium, NOVA Chemicals, DuPont, Canexus, Nexen Inc., Marathon Oil, and Suncor. Today, Norm focuses on the integration of systems across landscapes to form knowledge execution management systems, asset information management systems, and sustainable groups of core corporate competencies and subject matter (communities of practice). This approach is used to enable standardization, consistency, and productivity through better use of grassroots technologies like SAP.


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