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Dharmen Dhaliah

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Qualifications and professional status

Dharmen Dhaliah is a visionary and inspirational leader with a career-long record in strategic asset management, maintenance & reliability engineering, and project management. He is a bilingual professional with a proven talent for aligning business strategy and objectives with over 28 years of public and private sector experience in leading the development and implementation of organization-wide asset management strategies. Dharmen currently works as a Senior Manager in Climate Change and Asset Management and is a member of the board of Asset Management Ontario (AMONTario). He is a seasoned part-time instructor, workshop facilitator, and sought-after speaker on organization-wide asset management and ISO 55000. Dharmen is the published author of two books, “Physical Asset Management: An Organizational Challenge”, and “Organization-Wide Physical Asset Management – A Systems Approach”. He is also the creator of the “Holistic Physical Asset Management Board Game” to help organizations implement asset management organization-wide. www.hpamsolutions.com

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