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September 10, 2020 – 11:30 am EDT

Asset Management Methodology for STO Events and Routine Maintenance

Asset Management methodologies range from effective strategies to efficient plans, covering Work Management, Resource Management, and Performance Management. Steve Sinkoff and Norm Poynter will interview EJ Lister,  focusing on the Asset Management Team (Operations, Maintenance, Reliability) and the approval, priority, and category of work; then focus on Work Management & Resource Management efficiency through static planning and dynamic scheduling to enhance routine day-to-day OPEX and scheduled STO/CAPEX events.

  • Leveraging Effective Asset Management for Efficient Resource Optimization
  • Effective Planning & Efficient Scheduling

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Meet the Expert

E. J. (Ted) Lister

Connect: LinkedIn Twitter: @STONavigator Email: ejlister@stonavigator.ca

Qualifications and professional status

Ted Lister began his career in electrical design before trading electrons and protons for ones and zeros. It was 1992; Ted was red-lining drawings—after commissioning a billion-dollar gas plant—using red-colored pencils on A1 paper. It wasn’t long before he discovered the value of computer programs to accomplish this task. He was hooked.

As the years followed, Ted pursued a career in large-scale, complex industrial projects, which required large amounts of data to plan, schedule, and execute. As he worked with engineering firms to develop software solutions, he realized the process methodology—similar to that of hydrocarbon processes—was plagued with leaks (a.k.a. spreadsheets). To make matters worse, users were often not trained in data integrity, resulting in ones and zeros leaking from the data pipeline (a.k.a. business process methodology).

Do not miss the opportunity to learn from an experienced physical asset management guru and entertaining speaker.

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