IAM Diploma

Transition to Advanced Concepts in Asset Management – From IAM Certification to IAM Diploma 

(4-5-day Workshop delivered live virtually to your organization’s schedule) 



The IAM Diploma workshop is designed for those who are now ready to develop their understanding of advanced concepts in asset management.  The course begins with a review of the principles of asset management, including references to the growing body of knowledge.


  • Leadership and AM Systems are looked at in more detail, then we examine Value and how to realize it throughout the asset life cycle.
  • In Asset Care and Performance, we examine techniques for enhancing reliability and the options for performance measurement and monitoring of assets and asset management.
  • Asset Information and Knowledge is covered in detail, as is Demand Forecasting.
  • Investment Planning covers both capital and revenue expenditure planning.
  • Resourcing is looked at in Contractor and Supplier Management – how to identify resource requirements, then select and manage them.
  • Managing Change looks at the need to influence the organization’s culture and competence and describes the challenges of implementing change successfully.
  • Scenario-based exercises to enhance the learning experience.


The IAM Diploma workshop includes 4-5 days of classroom learning with extensive participation.  The presenters encourage the use of relevant examples to bring the subject to life and stimulate learning through discussion.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  1. Identify value and realize it across the whole life of the asset.
  2. Identify typical asset care approaches and performance measures.
  3. Participate in resource assessment and determine strategies to procure resources.
  4. Contribute to demand forecasting and investment planning.
  5. Describe the key challenges to influencing an asset management culture.
  6. Identify and describe how to address asset management challenges.

The benefit to participants:

  1. You will develop an understanding of advanced concepts in asset management.
  2. The cross-disciplinary nature of the program encourages effective teamwork resulting in the reduction of disciplinary silos.
  3. The course prepares you to take the IAM Diploma examination.

Who should attend?

  1. Participants who hold the IAM Certificate and wish to take the IAM Diploma examination.
  2. Participants who wish to increase their understanding of asset management and how it affects their roles and their organizations.
  3. Participants who are preparing for specialist or management roles in Asset Management.

Typical job titles include:

  • Business Strategy and Management
  • Engineering, technical and asset-owning managers
  • Asset Management System developers
  • ISO55000 implementers
  • Asset information managers
  • Stakeholder management professionals
  • Investment program managers
  • Finance managers
  • Maintenance managers
  • Operations managers
  • Reliability managers


This 4-day workshop is suitable for those who have successfully completed the IAM Certification Workshop and Exam, but this is not a requirement.

Workshop Pricing & Details:

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