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September 24, 2020 – 4:30 pm EDT

3-D Visualization to reduce risk, simulate, and transfer tacit knowledge

Norm Poynter and Steve Sinkoff will discuss with Mark Foster, founder and lead innovator at Revisia Ltd, why 3D spatial and visual technologies are becoming a prominent feature in EAM.

Mark will share his insight and experience on how a fit-for-purpose 3D-visual strategy can be adopted to tackle real-world challenges in asset integrity, reliability, and major maintenance.

Learn what practical steps can be taken to:

  • Remove risk and complexity
  • Reduce errors, rework, downtime, and delays
  • Lock-in tacit knowledge
  • Connect assets, operations, people, and processes

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Meet the Expert on 3-D spatial and visual technologies for EAM

Mark Foster

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Qualifications and professional status

Mark Foster is the founder of the industrial 3D innovation company Revisia Limited, based out of Auckland, New Zealand.  Originally from Edmonton, Canada, Mark cut his teeth in Alberta’s oil and gas industry as a mechanical engineer before pursuing a career path in 3D technologies that landed him in Auckland.

Since 2007, Mark’s company Revisia has been helping asset-intensive industries in New Zealand and abroad to overcome complex challenges in asset management through the innovative use of 3D spatial and visual technologies.

Mark is an internationally-recognized leader in the industrial 3D space and has spoken at various industry events around the globe, sharing his insight and passion for all things virtual.

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