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October 8, 2020 at 4:30 pm EDT

Parts Books & Manuals are “Disappearing” into Portals

Innovation to capture benefits for asset maintainers and parts procurers.

Norm Poynter and Steve Sinkoff will interview Nick Ruddock, Maintenance Partnership Systems (ex-Mincon LinkOne, ex-NRX), who will discuss the next step in innovation regarding Technical libraries 3.0: Digital replaced paper, and online is now replacing in-house digital. A tidal wave of change is occurring in how equipment technical content is produced, distributed, and utilized across asset-intensive industries. How can you rise with the tide and avoid it washing over you? Nick is truly one of, if not the global expert on the topic.

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Meet the Expert on Parts Books and Manuals and Why Soon They Won’t Exist

Nick Ruddock, Founder and CEO, Maintenance Partnership Systems

Nick Ruddock

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Qualifications and professional status

Nick is one of the three partners behind Maintenance Partnership Systems. Essentially the same team that developed the LinkOne product within Mincom and later lead the initial product designs during the early days of NRX Global, where Nick served on the Board of the listed company.

Nick began his career as a Cadet Marine Engineer, completing College in Melbourne, Australia, and then serving for 13 years from Junior Engineer to 2-I-C before being seconded into head office as a Project Engineer.

After gaining a Business Degree, he joined Mincom in Brisbane working initially as an ERP applications consultant covering a range of asset-intensive industry clients from power generation to mining. He accepted the challenge of running the newly founded LinkOne business unit, taking it from an “add-on” to Mincom’s ERP product to, arguably, the de-facto standard for electronic parts book systems for global Heavy Mobile Equipment. Still in use today by some of the world’s largest equipment operators and equipment manufacturers.

He told Go2Learn that ”Even today, I still see engineering challenges through the eyes of a ship’s engineer; if something breaks down thousands of miles from port, it’s down to the team on the ship. In MPS, we focus on making sure that our equipment operator/maintainer clients can always access the right technical information to support their decision making and business processes on a daily basis. I know what it is like to be the guy on deck when stuff happens.”

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